Pennsylvania students in grades K-12 may be the first in the Commonwealth, as soon as next year, to receive an education on the political, social and economic contributions people with disabilities have made.

The Disability Inclusive Curriculum Pilot Program, announced by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (DPE), offers grants for up to $30,000 to implement this disability-inclusive curriculum. The grant spans three years, with a maximum of $10,000 per year.

Why We Need Disability Inclusive Education

Through Disability Inclusive Education highlighting the impacts people with disabilities have made in all facets of life, a more tolerant and inclusive world can be achieved. Moreover, all students, no matter their background, language, race, gender or abilities need representation in education.

The Disability Inclusive Curriculum will teach students that a disability is a natural part of being human while emphasizing the contributions people with disabilities have made. This pilot program is also intended to have a positive impact on the overall culture and environment of schools, reducing the stigma often associated with disabilities.

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