CVS Pharmacy’s beauty and personal care brand one+other (pronounced “one another”) now offers self-care tools for the disability community. The Universal Tools collection features an inclusive design that helps people with dexterity challenges use personal care products.

A Common Need

A CVS Health survey of 100 people showed 62% of respondents have challenges using tweezers and nail clippers. Beauty care tools designed for people with mobility challenges are a common need. And CVS Pharmacy designed its Universal Tools collection with this need in mind.

Andrea Harrison, Vice President of Merchandising for Beauty & Personal Care of CVS Health said, “The introduction of the Universal Tools collection ladders back to our continued efforts to make self-care solutions more inclusive for all of our consumers.”

Beauty Tools That Are Designed Differently 

Priced affordably, the self-care tools include:

  • Slant Tweezer ($9.99)
  • Nail Clipper + Catcher ($9.99)
  • Pumice Stone ($6.49)
  • Nail Nipper + Catcher ($16.99)
  • Half Jaw Cuticle Nipper ($16.99)

What makes their design different? Their features include wide, open handles as well as easy-to-grip silicone with uniquely textured patterns that make it easy to distinguish between other tools.

You can buy these inclusive self-care tools online as well as in CVS Pharmacy locations across the nation.

Universal Tools Collection Just a Part of CVS Pharmacy’s Efforts to Meet the Needs of Consumers With Disabilities

The inclusivity that the Universal Tools collection brings to the self-care aisle is just one part of CVS Pharmacy’s efforts to meet the needs of consumers with disabilities.

They expanded their collection of mobility bath safety and other home health care products in 2022. And a year before they had introduced Spoken Rx, their proprietary audible prescription label to meet the needs of consumers with vision challenges.  

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