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EVV Training

EVV Training:
What Is EVV, Timeline, Resources and FAQs

EVV Training:
Apple: How to Download CellTrak

EVV Training: 
Android: How to Download CellTrak

EVV Training:
How to Register for CellTrak

EVV Training:
How to Register Reminder & How to Use the Mobile Application

EVV Training:
How to Clock In/Out and Edit Time Using CellTrak

EVV Training:
How Employees Edit Time in ACES$ Online

EVV Training:
How Employers Approve/Reject Time

EVV Training:
When and How to Use IVR

EVV Training:
Group Service (Only for the Comprehensive and Supports Waiver)

Overview of the CellTrak/ACES$ EVV Mobile App

Downloading the App

Licensing a Mobile Device

Registering a User

Entering and Approving Shifts

Group Service EVV

How to Register for ACES$ Online

Descarga de la Aplicacion

Licenciar un Dispositivo

Registrarse como Usuario

Cómo Ingresar y Aprobar un Turno

Wyoming team - ACES$ WY EVV Resources

Jaime McGrew

Client Care Specialist

Paige Crawford

ACES$ Wyoming Program Director

Jeni Brown

Enrollment Specialist

Gina Zamora

Client Care Specialist

MyCIL has proven time and again to be a valuable resource and information clearinghouse on matters related to disability awareness, acceptance, and accommodation.

~ Patrick T. Quinn, Director of Residential/Adult Day Services, The Arc of Northeastern Pennsylvania 
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The friendly ACES$ staff always responds promptly to our questions and treats us with courtesy and respect.

~ Shirley A. Perez, Mother/Legal Guardian of an ACES$ Illinois Consumer 
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We particularly like how MyCIL’s professionals have come up with special projects that allow these kids to get involved in the community and become contributing members of society.

~ Janet and Bill - Parents 
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