MyCIL (Northeast PA Center for Independent Living) is dedicated to improving the lives of seniors and people with disabilities. Our mission is to help Clients live their best, independent lives.

Our blog features an array of stories that align with this mission. From stories that inspire to news that matters to you, we want to help you live your best life.

By reading MyCIL’s blog, you’ll find tips that can improve your life. You’ll discover new ways to get involved. You’ll learn how to become a better advocate. Together we can be independent.

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You’ll find our posts categorized specifically for you, whether you’re one of our financial management services Clients, an independent living Client, a MyCIL Service Coordination Consumer or a caregiver.

We also categorize our posts by the type of content your most interested in, whether that’s disability news that keeps you informed, ways you can get involved or tips on improving life.

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