At MyCIL, we’re all about sharing. Sharing is good!

In fact, we use this blog as a platform to share inspiring and important information for people with disabilities and their loved ones.

If you’d like to pass on links to our posts to people who you think would benefit from reading them, please do! We thank you for spreading the information that can improve lives.

When it comes to republishing our content, we ask you to keep in mind the effort and time we’ve put into these posts.

If you’d like to quote our content in your own work, that would be great! We ask you to:

  1. Keep your quote to 70 words or less. Search engines don’t like duplicated content. Keeping any quoted content to 70 words or less protects your site and ours.
  2. Attribute your quote to MyCIL. It’s as easy as saying “According to MyCIL.” (Or something similar works too!).
  3. Link to our blog post. You can link the attribution right back to the post you got your quote from.

Thanks for following these content-sharing guidelines. We appreciate your support and efforts to improve the lives of people with disabilities and their loved ones!

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