Autism experts press the importance of early intervention. The sooner autism is diagnosed and treatment begins, the better the overall outcomes.

Early autism diagnosis and treatment are a challenge in rural parts of Virginia where there are no trained specialists in the local area. Virginia Tech recognized the need and created their mobile autism unit (MAC).

Winner of the 2019 Innovation Rural Award

Virginia Tech converted an RV into a mobile autism unit, taking treatment where it needs to go: directly to those in need. Their Mobile Autism Clinic’s outreach efforts have earned the team the Virginia State Office of Rural Health’s 2019 Innovative Rural Award.

Empowering Families

The 29-foot renovated RV is designed to help parents and kids feel calm and welcomed. In fact, it has a space dedicated to individualized treatments and family interventions for autism.

In this cozy space, graduate student clinicians share evidence-based treatment options with parents and caregivers. With the additional skills, families can better support their children with autism.

Learn more about Virginia Tech’s award-winning MAC.

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