On Tuesday, March 12, 2019 Oklahomans with disabilities, friends, loved ones and legislators come together for Disabilities Awareness Day. Hosted by the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS), the event is expected to bring more than 750 people. Their goal is to end the access barriers people with disabilities face in Oklahoma.

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What Are Access Barriers?

Access barriers can be in the form of many societal challenges people with disabilities face. It could be the challenge of getting access to equal job opportunities. Or, it could be getting the in-home services you need to live your best life in your community.

Outdated laws, lack of knowledge or awareness, and misconceptions can all cause access barriers. At MyCIL, we advocate for the changes our communities need to make to ensure everyone can live their best, independent lives.

Disabilities Awareness Day Events

The 2019 Disabilities Awareness Day will take place at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Kicking off the event is the People First’s Developmental Disability Rally on the South Plaza of the complex. Registration follows at noon inside on the fourth-floor rotunda. Advocates and their loved ones are encouraged to wear green.

Front and Center

The theme of this year’s Disabilities Awareness Day is “Front and Center.” It’s a call for disability advocates to make our voices heard. We want legislators to support the policies that help improve the lives of Oklahomans with disabilities. That means new programs and laws in place that support careers and independent living.

Talks With Decision-Makers

Oklahomans who scheduled meetings in advance with legislators will have the opportunity to discuss their goals. They’ll talk about the importance of policy change and how programs need to be preserved — or, better yet — expanded.


Within the Capitol, on the second- and fourth-floor rotundas, more than 70 exhibitors will be set up. You can get valuable information on disability services.

Client of the Year

At the event Oklahoman Katie Wehmeyer will be recognized as DRS’ Client of the Year. She will be a featured speaker for the awards ceremony at 3 p.m. on the South Plaza.

Learn More and Register Today!

For more information or to register for Disabilities Awareness Day, visit okdrs.org.

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