Diveheart is an Illinois-based non-profit that offers scuba therapy for kids, adults and veterans with disabilities.

How Scuba Diving Therapy Helps People With Disabilities

Diveheart’s educational scuba programs combine the feeling of weightlessness with the wonder of the underwater world. When underwater and gravity-free, people with disabilities don’t have to navigate with their disability — they have freedom of movement they may not have on the ground. Through this freedom, they build their confidence, self-esteem and independence.

From people with physical disabilities to developmental disabilities, Diveheart works with all. They’ve helped people with traumatic brain injuries, amputations, post-traumatic stress disorder, hearing and vision impairments and more.

How You Can Help: Donate Your Old Scuba Gear

If you have old scuba gear, Diveheart wants it! Their recycling program takes retired scuba gear — such as neoprene vests, wetsuits, gloves and hoods — and turns them into beverage coasters. By selling them for $5 each, Diveheart raises money to build its programs in Illinois and throughout the states.

To donate your retired scuba gear, you can mail or drop off your items to Diveheart, 900 Ogden Ave., Suite #274, Downers Grove, Illinois 60515. You should also send your contact information and include a list of all the items you are donating. That way you’ll receive a tax donation letter.

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