On Thursday, May 4, 2023, the students at MyCIL’s Transitional Skills Center had three very special guests: Penn State Football players London Montgomery, Blaise Sokach-Minnick and team captain Dominic DeLuca.

Getting Involved in the TSC Action

PSU players visiting with TSC students in the kitchen

London, Blaise and Dominic started their tour by visiting with students in the heart of MyCIL’s TSC: the kitchen. They chatted with the students, sharing stories of growing up in the area. London is from Scranton, and both Blaise and Dominic are from West Pittston.

PSU players doing dance moves with the TSC students

After conversing in the kitchen, the three football players joined in on the dance party happening in the gym, hosted by EJ the DJ. Together with the kids they practiced their Macarena, YMCA and other group dance moves.

PSU players constructing boxes with TSC students

In the TSC Stock & Shop, the footballers helped put together boxes with the students. They were very impressed with how the TSC students worked — they found the job a bit challenging and could not complete as many!

PSU players making bracelets with TSC students

After the box construction challenge, they moved on to bracelet making. The fine motor skills required to make these bracelets were appreciated by the three players. They also enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the students better and learn about their passions for art.

PSU players playing UNO with TSC students

Their visit ended with a game of UNO where they started their tour, the kitchen. Over the course of their tour they had the opportunity to see how TSC students overcome a variety of challenges to succeed in tasks that even those without challenges find hard!

Next Up: Summer Impact Football Camp

MyCIL's iTeam logo

Dominic, Blaise and London will join us again — along with some other of their other teammates — for the Summer Impact Football camp on July 22, 11a-1p at Riverfront Sports in Scranton.

Powered by Riverfront Sports, driven by the TSC and sponsored by MyCIL, Lehigh Valley Health Network and Northeast Rehab, the Summer Impact Football Camp is free for kids and young adults with disabilities, ages 10-21.

This popular event, now in its second year, brings together kids of all abilities and Penn State Football players. The participants get tips and advice from the PSU players while practicing football skills and gaining self-confidence. Everyone gets the opportunity to make new friends and have fun!

If you’d like to join us on July 22, please click here to register. It’s free for kids and young adults with disabilities, ages 10-21!


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