Mothers with physical disabilities participated in a research study to share their experiences. Specifically, these mothers shared some of their strategies and adaptations to make daily life with a child under the age of 10 easier.

Tips From Parents Who Have Physical Disabilities

1. Keep Babycare Essentials in Each Room — By having the essentials in each room they’re often in, it minimizes the amount that parents have to travel around the house while carrying the baby.

2. Start Developing Safety Practices Early — Parents with disabilities recommend teaching your child safety practices early. From staying in your line of sight to holding your hand while walking, these safety practices prevent having to chase after them.

3. Get Modified Babycare Equipment — Parents with disabilities often modify the babycare equipment they buy, or they purchase specially designed equipment.

Online Resources for More Tips

There are some great resources online for parents with disabilities.

Screenshot of Disabled Parenting Project website

Disabled Parenting Project

This online community — created by and for parents and with disabilities — has everything from tips to product reviews.

Screenshot of AbleData website


The largest database of assistive technology products and manufacturers, AbleData allows you to search by product or maker. You can also see how many reviewers gave the product a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Screenshot of National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities

National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities

In this extensive collection of resources, you’ll find advice from parents to parents, info on adaptive techniques and equipment and more.

Screenshot of Disabled Parents blog

Disabled Parents

This blog has tips on everything from prepping for a new baby to your legal rights.  Check out the must-have section for adaptive equipment that make life easier.

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