On August 21st, people across the nation will be celebrating Senior Citizens Day. First celebrated in 1991 after Ronald Reagan signed the proclamation in 1988, the day was founded to increase awareness of the issues senior citizens face as well as recognize their contributions to society.

Not sure how will you celebrate National Senior Citizens Day? Here are 5 ways you can make the day extra special!

Spend Your Day With an Older Family Member

One of the best — and most obvious — ways to celebrate the day is by spending it with an older family member who is important to you. Ask them what their favorite activities are and do them! Social connection is key to the mental health of everyone, especially senior citizens. With social isolation comes an increase in cognitive decline, including dementia, as well as poor overall health and early mortality.

Visit a Nursing Home in Your Area

Many senior citizens are not fortunate enough to have family members nearby. Consider visiting a local nursing home to celebrate the day while spreading joy to the residents. Reach out to a nursing home in your area to find out the best times to visit, as well as any information you should know beforehand, such as visitor policies.

Share Your Plans on Social Media

Post how you plan to celebrate National Senior Citizens Day then follow up with another post to share how your day went. Include photos along with why this day is special. Your post can ignite others to celebrate the special senior citizens in their lives!

Volunteer for Projects That Benefit Senior Citizens

Volunteer your time and talents to an organization that benefits the lives of senior citizens. Some programs ask for people to simply spend time with a senior citizen who doesn’t have family nearby. Others, such as Meals on Wheels, are always looking for people to prepare care packages and deliver them.

Engage the Younger Generation in the Day’s Celebration

Encourage the younger generation in your family to also celebrate the day. Have them join you when you spend time with your elders or visit a local nursing home. Help them create homemade cards and other goodies to shower the senior citizens in your life. By involving kids in the day, we are teaching them the importance of recognizing the value senior citizens add to our lives and world.

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