How families celebrate Mother’s Day varies, but the reason behind the day is always the same: to recognize the efforts, sacrifices and love mothers give to their children day in and day out. This is especially true for mothers of kids with special needs.

Below are some tips and strategies for how to make sure the mother in your life feels extra special and extra loved.

1. Communicate Expectations

Don’t wait to start asking her what she had in mind for Mother’s Day. Start early so you have enough time to sort out the details, but also to drive up the excitement.

If she doesn’t have a plan, instead of putting the pressure on her to figure one out, get her excited about the possibilities of the day by asking some creative questions.

  • What would a relaxing day look like to you?
  • What activities recharge you?
  • What activities relax you?
  • How would you spend your ideal day?

If there are care tasks she performs for your child, determine if you can take over them for the day or reschedule if possible. For example, if she replaces your child’s mic-key button on Sundays, can you do it for her? If it’s a task you typically don’t do, ask her to show you how to do it over the coming weeks so she has one less thing to worry about on Mother’s Day.

2. Get Creative

Once you have some ideas on how she would like to spend the day, now is the time to get creative to make it even more special for her.

Maybe she said she would love to have breakfast in bed. You can take it up a notch by having it served on a placemat made by the kids. Order from her favorite bakery. Get her a new French press for her coffee. Use cake toppers in her bagel. Sprinkle food with edible glitter.

These little touches that you can add on to her ideas will make the day more special and memorable.

Being creative can also mean flexible. If getting additional childcare for actual Mother’s Day isn’t possible, consider celebrating on a different day that works better for your family.

3. Plan the Details

Once you have a general idea of how the day will play out, now’s the time to start planning the details. For instance, if you have a personal support worker who helps care for your child, find out if they are available. If you need to make restaurant reservations, it’s never too early to make them.

Depending on the age and abilities, involve your kids in the preparations. From coming up with ways to make the day special to creating cards and decorations, your kids will feel a part of the day while learning the importance of showing love and gratitude to the people we love.

Involving your kids can also mean preparing them for the day. Go over what they can expect to do and how a routine might be different on this special day.


When it comes to celebrating the special mom in your life for Mother’s Day, the effort you put into planning and executing the day can be as appreciated as the day itself!


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