A veteran in a wheelchair with open arms as his young children run to him
A Comprehensive, Interdisciplinary Curriculum

We use a research-backed curriculum that addresses real-world challenges and goals. Our comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum covers three domains. Each domain has various competencies and sub-competencies in addition to learning modules.

TSC students working on a project together in the classroom
Flexible Lessons to Meet Unique Needs and Goals

We provide lessons at three levels of increasing complexity. This approach allows students to continue growing and refining their independent living skills. From daily living and interpersonal relationships to employment, students can master the skills they need to live their best lives.

Teacher giving a student a vocational activity
Engaging Activities That Offer Real-world Skill Practice

During the program, students engage in daily living activities that involve both abstract and tangible concepts. A key part of our curriculum is community-based learning experiences. Our students have the opportunity to go out into our community and practice the skills they’re developing.

students at the convey belt in MyCIL's Stock and Shop, simulated store and warehouse
Teacher helping student cook

How We Help Our Communities

MyCIL’s TSC is dedicated to helping older people and people with disabilities live their best, independent lives. We are committed to improving the overall wellbeing of our communities.

MyCIL iTeam powered by the TSC logo
MyCIL’s iTeam

Two soccer buddies from MyCIL's iTeam

MyCIL’s iTeam is all about inclusive sports. iTeam clinics develop skills and build confidence while having fun! Our free events, designed for kids and young adults with disabilities, are social opportunities to practice and learn more about favorite sports, from soccer to cheer.

TSC Is Spreading Petals for Goodness Sake logo
TSC Is Spreading Petals

Two TSC students engaged in TSC Is Spreading Petals initiative

The mission of TSC Is Spreading Petals is simple: spread joy, beauty, and hope while providing job training to MyCIL’s Transitional Skills Center students. They organize the donated flowers, rearranging them anew, and then deliver them to the elderly and critically ill.

TSC Is a Latte Fun logo
Other TSC Initiatives

TSC Is a Latte Fun students at the mobile coffee cartIn addition to TSC Is Spreading Petals, TSC students have the opportunity to participate in other skills-building initiatives.

With TSC Is a Latte Fun, our mobile coffee cart, TSC students make and package the baked goodies, prepare the coffee and then serve the refreshments.

TSC Is the Balm logo

With TSC Is the Balm, they make lip balm, moisturizer and other bath products, then package them and sell them to our staff and in local stores.

TSC Is for the Dogs

And with TSC Is for the Dogs, they make dog treats, package them and sell them locally.

Thanks to these TSC initiatives, students experience what being involved with a business is like. They can participate every step of the way, from taking orders and making the products to packaging them.

MyCIL Transitional Skils Center Sue Sileo
MyCIL Transitional Skils Center Sue Sileo

MyCIL has proven time and again to be a valuable resource and information clearinghouse on matters related to disability awareness, acceptance, and accommodation.

~ Patrick T. Quinn, Director of Residential/Adult Day Services, The Arc of Northeastern Pennsylvania 
~ Patrick T. Quinn, Director of Residential/Adult Day Services, The Arc of Northeastern Pennsylvania

The friendly ACES$ staff always responds promptly to our questions and treats us with courtesy and respect.

~ Shirley A. Perez, Mother/Legal Guardian of an ACES$ Illinois Consumer 
~ Shirley A. Perez, Mother/Legal Guardian of an ACES$ Illinois Consumer

We particularly like how MyCIL’s professionals have come up with special projects that allow these kids to get involved in the community and become contributing members of society.

~ Janet and Bill - Parents 
~ Janet and Bill - Parents
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