A man in a wheelchair getting mentored by a man with a laptop
MyCIL's disability peer mentoring team having a lively discussion

Improved self-esteem

Your MyCIL peer mentor can help you focus on your abilities while giving you the skills to overcome your challenges. With more positive experiences in your life, your self-esteem can grow.

Greater independence

Your dedicated MyCIL peer mentor can help you design a plan for independent living. Connecting you with the right resources and disability support services, you can achieve the life you want.

Ongoing support

As you achieve your independent living goals, your MyCIL peer mentor will be there to support you on your journey. The connection you make can give you the fuel you need to keep going in the right direction.

Specialized knowledge

Not only do MyCIL peer mentors have a disability themselves, but they are also highly knowledgeable. From key resources to disability rights, they offer insight and connections.

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Finding the best housing for you

Your MyCIL mentor can help you find the best, most affordable housing for you. They can also help you with your subsidized housing application.

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Health Insurance

Getting the benefits you deserve

Whether you need help applying for social security, Medicaid or any other social service, your peer mentor can help. They can also help you navigate the often-intimidating world of denials and appeals.

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Finding Employment

From creating your resume to practicing your interview skills, your peer mentor can get you ready for joining the workforce. Your peer mentor can connect you with resources for people with disabilities who are looking for employment.

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Self-advocacy Tools

Having the knowledge and courage to self-advocate empowers you. Your peer mentor can give you the tools and confidence you need to speak up for what is right and what you deserve.

Members of Voices of Ability having a meeting with MyCIL's Peer Mentors
MyCIL's independent living team
MyCIL's Independent Living team

MyCIL has proven time and again to be a valuable resource and information clearinghouse on matters related to disability awareness, acceptance, and accommodation.

~ Patrick T. Quinn, Director of Residential/Adult Day Services, The Arc of Northeastern Pennsylvania 
~ Patrick T. Quinn, Director of Residential/Adult Day Services, The Arc of Northeastern Pennsylvania

The friendly ACES$ staff always responds promptly to our questions and treats us with courtesy and respect.

~ Shirley A. Perez, Mother/Legal Guardian of an ACES$ Illinois Consumer 
~ Shirley A. Perez, Mother/Legal Guardian of an ACES$ Illinois Consumer

We particularly like how MyCIL’s professionals have come up with special projects that allow these kids to get involved in the community and become contributing members of society.

~ Janet and Bill - Parents 
~ Janet and Bill - Parents
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