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What You Can Do as a Participant

As an ACES$ PA Veteran Directed Care Program Participant, you can:

  • Manage your monthly budget and flexible spending plan — You determine the best use of your monthly budget, whether that’s hiring workers at your chosen hourly rate or purchasing goods and services.
  • Oversee your workers — From recruiting and hiring to training and dismissing, you have the complete freedom to manage your workers.
  • View your real-time budget onlineLog onto ACES$ Online for up-to-the-minute budget info.
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How ACES$ Serves You

As Your Goods & Services and Financial Management Services Provider, we:

  • Process all the paperwork needed to establish you as an Employer – ACES$ takes care of ensuring all the needed paperwork is completed and submitted so you can become an Employer. Once you are an Employer, you can then hire your employees.
  • Take care of timesheets and payroll – Once you approve your employees’ timesheets, they come to us for processing. We’ll take care of paying your employees.
  • Withhold and file taxes – With ACES$, you don’t have to worry about taxes. We withhold and file federal and state taxes on your behalf.
  • Finalize your purchases of goods and services – You determine the goods and services you need to achieve your best, independent life, and we take care of making payments on your behalf.

With ACES$, you can focus on what matters most: living your most independent life.

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You’re Getting the ACES$ Advantage

As an ACES$ PA VAMC Veterans Participant, you enjoy the ACES$ Advantage that includes:

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The best in Veteran care

Over 51% of our team members have disabilities and live it firsthand. We know what it’s like. And that means we also know how challenging it can be to navigate the financial management world. Our goal is to make it simpler for you. One way we do that is by going above and beyond.

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Real-time budget info

With ACES$ Online, you and your case manager can log in anytime to see your budget and purchases. There’s no guessing on how much you have left to spend. With this real-time data, you can better plan how you will spend your budget.

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Many ways to submit timesheets

Your employees can choose the timesheet submission option that best suits them. From quick and secure online submission through ACES$ Online to the traditional methods of fax, email and mail, the choice is theirs.

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Quick, easy personalized enrollment

Enrollment can be frustrating, but with ACES$, it’s not. We have streamlined forms, optional in-person enrollment and secure online enrollment that makes the entire process fast and easy.

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Live phone-call support

Anytime you call us at 1-833-349-4515​, you talk to one of our highly trained ACES$ team members. We don’t outsource our Veterans’ support, and we don’t use an automated phone system.

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Instant alerts

You’ll get automatic alerts from ACES$ Online if you’re over budget.

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Choice of payment method

Your employees can choose the best form of payment for them, whether that’s direct deposit, pay card or paper paycheck.

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Off-cycle payroll

If there were an error on a timesheet, your employees won’t have to wait a week to get paid. We process corrected timesheets outside of our normal payroll cycle.

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Language support

We have ACES$ team members who speak both English and Spanish. Moreover, our language line offers additional translations. For Spanish, call ACES$ at 1-888-224-0115 and press “9.“ Otherwise, call and request the language in which you would like to speak. An ACES$ team member will get an interpreter on the line.

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Convenient hours and 24-7 voicemail access

You can access our voicemail line 24 hours a day. You’ll get a prompt reply call back.

Mary Gaffney, program director

Mary Gaffney

Director of ACES$ PA Veteran Directed Care Program

Who Is ACES$?

ACES$ is part of MyCIL, a Center for Independent Living, whose mission centers on empathyrespect, and integrity.

Our Mission

As a non-profit
Center for Independent Living,
we support self-direction
with our expert and personalized
aging and disability services

— including advocacytransitional skills, and
ACES$ Financial Management Services —
guided by our empathyrespect, and integrity.

Our Vision

To inspireencourageempower, and support
by providing
personalized aging and disability services
driven by our
humilityemotional intelligence,
and passion to make the world inclusively better.

Our Values

We put people first.

We do things the right way — the first time.

We advocate.

We authentically support our inclusive, diverse team.

We are agile and innovative.

Mary Gaffney, program director, on the phone with a Veteran
Applied Self-Direction Logo

MyCIL has proven time and again to be a valuable resource and information clearinghouse on matters related to disability awareness, acceptance, and accommodation.

~ Patrick T. Quinn, Director of Residential/Adult Day Services, The Arc of Northeastern Pennsylvania 
~ Patrick T. Quinn, Director of Residential/Adult Day Services, The Arc of Northeastern Pennsylvania

The friendly ACES$ staff always responds promptly to our questions and treats us with courtesy and respect.

~ Shirley A. Perez, Mother/Legal Guardian of an ACES$ Illinois Consumer 
~ Shirley A. Perez, Mother/Legal Guardian of an ACES$ Illinois Consumer

We particularly like how MyCIL’s professionals have come up with special projects that allow these kids to get involved in the community and become contributing members of society.

~ Janet and Bill - Parents 
~ Janet and Bill - Parents
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